Lake Road


A tiny cottage and tiny lot. But with Lake Erie access and a fantastic location - this new build was designed to fit into the available space, architecture and aesthetic of the community.


family room.jpg

Rescuing a 100 year old home and adding on to it to create a home for 5 kids and 2 adults (plus a fluffy dog) has its challenges. Honoring history while creating a modern living space was an amazing experience.



Custom built ranch with over 7,000 square foot of living space complete with beautiful custom details specifically designed for a couple who decided to treat themselves to their forever dream home!

Michael and Lisa couldn’t have been better partners in the build of our house. That’s exactly how they felt.. like a partner - not just builder and designer.

It’s our greatest wish to provide a positive experience that results in a quality built custom home. There is an old Creole term called, Lagniappe…which translated means “ a little extra”. Every time we do a job for our clients, whether it is a new home, renovation or buying and selling property, Lisa and I like to give you a little extra.  We want you to get not only what you asked for, but also more than you had expected! - Michael & Lisa Smith