Our Mission

We value our clients and strive to treat you the way we would like to be treated….like family.  The opportunity to work and collaborate with you from the very beginning of the project is our motivation.  We get excited helping you select a home site, sharing creative ideas throughout the design phase and finally seeing your dream home materialize as we complete the build out!

We believe open and honest communication is one of the most important components to a successful design project.  We listen intently to your needs and wants and offer solutions that are unique, functional and also aesthetic.

One thing that sets us apart from larger builders is that we are available and onsite every day, working hands on to ensure that everything is going as planned.  Every project gets our full attention to ensure we are helping you make decisions that will lead you home. We strive to be efficient with our time and resources, but rest assured we do not cut corners.  Our goal is to be innovative, staying on top of design trends and implementing the most current construction technology. The trades we work with are the best and we never sacrifice the integrity of their work, or rush a job by working with less than the best.

Another thing that sets us apart as a small family business is our commitment to a high ethical standard.  It is important to us that you know you can trust that we will deliver quality along with value. We are transparent when it comes to how your money is spent and we work hard to save you money without sacrificing quality design, materials, finishes and fixtures.  We are pleased to be able to extend the pricing for labor, materials, finishes, fixtures and equipment we get as a result of the long-standing relationships we have in the industry directly to you.

We feel honored that you have trusted us with your project.  We treat every project as if it were our own. Nothing makes us happier then handing you the keys to your new home, and knowing that we not only met, but exceeded your expectations.

Michael Smith



Building has been in my family for four generations, and I am blessed to carry on my family’s tradition.  I grew up working for my father who was a residential builder. I learned every aspect of new construction with hands on instruction from him and the wonderful trades he worked with.  He taught me the philosophy by which I live and treat my customers, “do it right or don’t do it at all”. After college I worked as a designer and project manager for new home construction with local builders.  These experiences inspired me to want to take my knowledge and abilities to build an even better end product for my own customers. For my wife and I, design and construction is not a job, but our dream come true.  Every day presents a fun and exhilarating new challenge for us! We met in the design field collaborating on a project and soon decided to combine our design passion, construction knowledge, and experience in the industry to pursue our own building company.

As project manager, the most crucial aspect of my job is to build a solid working relationship based on mutual respect and trust with my clients.  It is imperative that I communicate effectively not only with the various trades, but most importantly with the homeowner. In this regard you can expect to be an integral  part of the building process. Since every project is different it is not uncommon for plans or scheduling to change when challenges arise. I may need to consult with you when changes need to be made in the field that call for quick resolution, and I am always available to answer any questions you may have or listen to your concerns.  Open honest communication is essential in my ability to keep the build out of your home on schedule and within budget while staying flexible in all circumstances.

  • Michael


Lisa Smith

Interior Design/Project Manager


 I studied Interior Design and Architecture at the University of Cincinnati through their intense, 5 year Interior Design and Architecture program.  I graduated from the UC, School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) with my BSID in 2002, and I have been working in the design industry ever since.  I feel truly blessed to be able to work alongside my husband doing what we love and what we do best together and I can’t wait to put our experience to work for you!

Living a curated life means that you live full of hope for your future and intentionally shape your present life accordingly.  It is about realizing your worth and making choices that uphold your worth. Designing your home with this concept in mind, carefully making selections that are a reflection of you, or that help to shape your identity, atmosphere, relationships and sense of well-being will result in an aesthetic that is uniquely you.

Design styles and trends come and go - and not all styles are for everyone. Some design concepts though are universal when it comes to space planning. While these standards are a good starting point, I strive to tailor each space to the people who dwell inside, maximizing every inch of space so to support the everyday functions and needs of the individual.   I invest a significant amount of time up front, when we begin the design process to discover things like, what types of activities will you do in your home, how much storage do you need, or how much natural or mood lighting do you want for instance.  Once we have an organized and functional floor plan, it’s time to transform the rough space into a beautiful reflection of your personal style.

  • Lisa