Is your remodel is DIY vs. Pro?

You have a nice home, but wish you could add or remodel a room? Maybe you have thought about doing it yourself to save some money? But is it really something you should do? Do you have the skills and are you sure you can accomplish the remodel on budget, safely and correctly?

Consider the following as a general guide to help understand if this is something you want to tackle:

1.          It requires a permit. Complicated city and state building code requirements may dictate the need for a building permit. Each city has their own rules about which jobs require permits, how much they cost and how difficult it may be to get one. In many cities, only a professional licensed contractor is able to obtain a permit. Call your cities’ Building Department to inquire about what is needed for your project.

2.          It could destroy your home. At the very least, it could significantly reduce the valuation of your home if done incorrectly or improperly. Many cities have pre-sale inspections that assess code issues in a home before allowing a home sale to proceed. If the remodel work is done incorrectly or improperly, it could reduce your home’s value or even cause structural damage. Replacing a roof, upgrading electrical or plumbing and changing framing and structure of walls in addition a to many other common remodeling activities could all result in significant problems and expense if not done correctly.

3.          It could kill you. Ask yourself “What is the worst possible thing that can happen?” If you answer “I could die”, maybe it’s time to call in the Pro’s. Some of the work involved in a remodel is dangerous and deadly if you don’t know what you are doing. Electrical work, roofing, framing and may other actives can indeed kill you if done improperly!

Smith Custom Home and Design would love to understand your project! Give us a call at (216) 513-7399 or Contact Us and schedule a time to discuss your ideas. Whether you choose Smith Custom Home & Design as your contractor partner or decide to DIY it, a consultation can assist understanding the needs and requirements to complete your project safely while increasing the value of your home!